Uldo O!mega Rolls

Unique mixture to prepare buns.

  • Perfect source of Omega 3 fatty acids - Omega 3 fatty acid contents it is 1,05 g / 100g of bread (ca. 1 bun).
  • Pumpkin, flax and soya ensure unique flavour of buns and bread.
  • O!mega Buns stay fresh for long time and have compact crumb.


O! Mega Rolls are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 group) contributes to the maintenance of healthy levels of blood cholesterol. In accordance with the recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), beneficial effects are obtained from the consumption of at least 2 g of alpha-linolenic acid daily.

O! Mega Rolls contain 1.1 g of omega-3 per 100 g (about 1 roll).


flax seeds, soybeans, barley malt extract, sugar, wheat gluten, barley malt, salt, anti-caking agent: calcium carbonate; linseed extract (linseed extract, wheat flour, antioxidant: rosemary extract), powdered rye sourdough, glucose, emulsifier: E472e, rapeseed lecithin; rye flour, enzymes: hydrolase, xylanase, amylase; flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid.

Nutritive value - 100g
Nutritive valueNutritive value - 100 g mix
energy value [kJ/kcal]:1477/354
fat [g]:14,1
saturated fatty acid [g]:2,0
trans fatty acid [g]:< 0,1
total carbohydrate [g]:26,6
of which sugars [g]:19,4
fiber [g]:18,9
protein [g]:20,7
salt [g]:7,4

O!mega Rolls

O!mega Rolls - bread


O!mega Rolls



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