Business Partner and Bakery Expert

In everyday business operations, ULDO takes care of satisfaction of the Customers and their success in baking. Everything and everyone here is focused on the Customers' and Consumers' needs and expectations, simply because they are the basis of our innovative solutions. The success of our Clients is our success! 30 years in business have made us a bakery expert, perceived as an innovative company (our Product Research and Development department is an excellent example of such an approach).

czysta etykieta
Free yourself from "E"!products without additives marked with „E”.


Beznazwy 1ACrispbread: Crunch crisp bread. Crunch the bread differently!



3Certified products: group of functional products with exceptional characteristics.



A sweet snack that is perfect as a coffee accompaniment for a second breakfast or as a sweet complement to a meal.






Bread with sun-dried tomatoes, chilli peppers, garlic, basil and cumin, evoking Mediterranean flavours, perfect for a barbecue.





ULDO Chleb SlodowyMalt Bread

Distinctive bread with excellent taste and aroma, enriched with sunflower seeds, linseed and soy seeds.





Chleb jak dawniejOld-style bread

This bread is an excellent wheat bread which with its taste, smell and structure evokes memories of the traditional wheat bread baked by artisan bakeries years ago. 





Gruszka i Pietruszka Pear and Parsley


A unique bread created from carefully chosen components, containing dried pear and dried parsley which excellently enrich taste and nutritional values of the product.





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