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In everyday business operations, ULDO takes care of satisfaction of the Customers and their success in baking. Everything and everyone here is focused on the Customers' and Consumers' needs and expectations, simply because they are the basis of our innovative solutions. The success of our Clients is our success! 20 years in business have made us a bakery expert, perceived as an innovative company (our Product Research and Development department is an excellent example of such an approach).

Free yourself from "E"!products without additives marked with „E”.


chlebWheat-free products: Innovative products that meet the expectations of consumers.


Beznazwy 1ACrispbread: Crunch crisp bread. Crunch the bread differently!



3Certified products: group of functional products with exceptional characteristics.


Tuzin ZiarenGrain's dozen


Black rice has recently been bursting into the top of the healthiest products in the world, and Grain's dozen is an innovative bread with black rice on the market. The addition of the noblest of all rice varieties makes the product incredibly fresh. After a week, the bread is still tasty and moist inside. Black rice is high in fibre and has one of the highest levels of antioxidants in any known food. The use of black rice, and with it 11 other grains (sunflower seeds, millet, white sesame, black sesame, flax seeds golden, flax seeds brown, soybean, spanish sage seeds (Salvia hispanica), rye grain, wheat grain, pumpkin), makes the offer the richest in grains product on market.




Graham CLGraham CL


Especially tasty graham bread, with a distinctive flavour, delicate crumb and crunchy crust. Thanks to appropriately selected ingredients, the characteristic taste of graham flour has been emphasized, which makes this bread an excellent alternative to the popular wheat bread. GRAHAM is also an excellent source of superior nutritional value thanks to which the daily diet becomes a healthy pleasure for the entire family.   




Bulka pszenno zytnia z kielkami lux.jpgBread with rye sprouts & Bread with rye sprouts Lux


The product is available in two variants: Bread with rye sprouts (darker crumb) Bread with rye sprouts Lux (lighter crumb). Excellent bread with a distinctive taste, with the high rye sprout content so much appreciated by those who care about a differentiated and balanced diet.

...more - Bread with rye sprouts
...more - Bread with rye sprouts Lux





Unique bread with distinctive taste and flavour created by addition of dried pepper, chilli pepper and aromatic herbs (basil, oregano and thyme) in appropriate proportions. It has excellent taste, delicate crump, crisp and flagrant crust, providing an alternative to the typical wheat bread.




Florentynka JProfit Florentine

A mix for popular cookies with seeds and other additives.







Efficient baking agent from the Clean Label group, extending freshness of each bread. The product considerably extends freshness of bread which, with appropriate protection, will not lose its softness or taste values for min. 14 days. Dedicated particularly to mixed bread, although it clearly improves freshness also of wheat and rye bread.  




Chleb Kozacki poziom mCossack Bread 


Product inspired by a traditional bread from Ukraine. Extremely tasty mixed bread with crispy and cracked crust, compact and moist crumb, maintains freshness for a long time. Content of prune preserve excellently enriches flavour of the bread, giving it a characteristic taste. In addition, the product is an excellent source of precious nutritional values




zlocisty plusGolden Plus


Unique wheat bread with features typical of rye bread, such as a compact and moist crumb and long-lasting freshness. Using flour obtained from special grinding gives excellent taste to the bread, additionally enriched by the addition of potato flakes and fennel flower. Excellent alternative to typical wheat bread for persons appreciating both wheat bread and rye bread.




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