Uldo Spicy Topping


Thanks to the right proportions of ingredients, including ingredients of strong taste, such as garlic, fennel seed and coriander, this bread topping perfectly enriches the bread's taste and aroma.




flax seeds (brown, golden), white sesame, sunflower seeds, salt, nigella sativa, granulated garlic, spices,rapeseed oil.

Nutritive value - 100g 
Nutritive valueNutritive value - 100 g mix
energy value [kJ/kcal]:2067/501
fat [g]:41,4
saturated fatty acid [g]:4,5
trans fatty acid [g]:< 0,1
total carbohydrate [g]:0,9
of which sugars [g]:0,9
fiber [g]:22,9
protein [g]:19,8
salt [g]:7,0
SpecificationSpicy Topping

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