Business Partner and Bakery Expert

In everyday business operations, ULDO takes care of satisfaction of the Customers and their success in baking. Everything and everyone here is focused on the Customers' and Consumers' needs and expectations, simply because they are the basis of our innovative solutions. The success of our Clients is our success! 20 years in business have made us a bakery expert, perceived as an innovative company (our Product Research and Development department is an excellent example of such an approach).


Wheat-free Bread, Wheat-free Bundt Cakes and cakes based on products without wheat - are dedicated to those wishing to eliminate wheat from their daily diet. Products contain no ingredients derived from wheat, the gluten of which is most irritating and sensitising of all known cereals. Thanks to specially selected, naturally gluten-free ingredients, excellent tasting, aromatic is obtained.

New Sweet Inspirations based on products without wheat.


Apple pie without wheat


Chess board


Chocolate cube with fruit


Cream cube

Royal Cube

Sand cube with fruit

Waves Of Danube

WZ cake



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