O mega IG CL

Uldo O!mega IG CL

Clean Label Product

Bread with a low Glycemic Index, rich in Omega-3 acids.

  • A product with extremely low  Glycemic Index for a bread, only 33.9, rarely encountered before now among traditional breads available in the market.
  • Additionally, the product has a high level of valuable Omega-3 acids and is also the source of additional superior nutritional value – low levels of saturated fatty acids and sugars, sources of vitamin E, iron, zinc and potassium, high levels of dietary fibre, protein, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. 

Bread with low Glycemic Index. Bread rich in Omega-3 acids

Bread with the extremely low Glycemic Index of 33.9 – this is an index indicating the rise of glucose concentration in the blood after consumption of a given product. This is a value extremely low for traditional bread, thanks to which O!MEGA IG is an excellent proposal for persons caring about health who do not want to give up bread in their diet.

O!MEGA IG is also a bread rich in Omega-3 acids and many other nutritional values, vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of our organism.


grains (flax seeds, soybean), wheat gluten, wheat flour graham, barley malt extract, salt, barley malt, powdered sourdough (rye & wheat products; wheat starch, acidity regulator: lactic acid), linseed extract (linseed extract, wheat flour, antioxidant: rosemary extract), powdered rye sourdough, enzymes, flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid 

Nutritive value - 100g
Nutritive valueNutritive value - 100 g mix
energy value [kJ/kcal]:1550/370
fat [g]:12,6
saturated fatty acid [g]:1,8
trans fatty acid [g]:< 0,1
total carbohydrate [g]:26,0
of which sugars [g]:9,4
fiber [g]:12,8
protein [g]:31,7
salt [g]:7,9

O!mega IG CL - bread

O!mega IG CL - rolls


O!mega IG CL



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