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A unique vegan bread, without yeast, created for active persons. The appropriately selected ingredients of the product provide valuable nutrition and ensure a sense of satiety. The richness of the grains and seeds also ensures excellent taste, thus making the meal a pleasure. This is a perfect snack for everybody taking care of their health, and in particular for active persons.  


Rich in valuable ingredients, such as: sunflower, linseed, rye, pumpkin, salvia hispanica (chia) seeds, oat and soy flakes.

Rich in high nutritional value:

  • low content of sugars
  • source of protein, iron, zinc, potassium, vitamin B
  • high content of dietary fibre, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin E

oat flakes, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, rye grain, soy flakes, apple powder, pumpkin seeds, vegetable fiber (Psyllium), salt, spanish sage seeds (Salvia hispanica), dried rye sourdough, rapeseed oil, acid: apple acid; barley malt extract, acidity regulator: sodium diacetate.

Nutritive value
Nutritive valueNutritive value - 100 g mix
energy value [kJ/kcal]:1923/463
fat [g]:28,2
saturated fatty acid [g]:3,3
trans fatty acid [g]:<0,1
total carbohydrate [g]:24,9
of which sugars [g]:4,6
fiber [g]:18,6
protein [g]:18,1
salt [g]:1,3

Pano Vegano Premium Profit

SpecificationPano Vegano Premium Profit

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