Mlekuś Mix


Did you know that 100 g of Mlekuś covers about 50% of the daily calcium requirement of the body?

Thanks to the addition of milk and whey the Mlekuś Bread is a great source of calcium, which is an essential building block for bones, especially important for children and teenagers as it determines their proper development.

Regular consumption of Mlekuś supplements the level of calcium in the body. The nutritional values of this bread can help maintain normal blood pressure and prevent high blood pressure, which causes heart diseases. The calcium contained in Mlekuś also reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, which prevents atherosclerosis. Calcium also has a positive effect on the connective tissue; it supports the process of diffusion of nutrients to cells and is essential for proper bone growth.

Mlekuś Bread enriches our daily diet with calcium, which is so important to our body.

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