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Uldo Golden Plus

Clean Label Product 

Unique wheat bread with long-lasting freshness.

  • Unique wheat bread with features typical of rye bread, such as a compact and moist crumb and long-lasting freshness.
  • Using flour obtained from special grinding gives excellent taste to the bread, additionally enriched by the addition of potato flakes and fennel flower.
  • Excellent alternative to typical wheat bread for persons appreciating both wheat bread and rye bread.



wheat flour, salt, powdered wheat sourdough, patato flakes, ground nigella sativa

Nutritive value - 100g
Nutritive valueNutritive value - 100 g mix
energy value [kJ/kcal]:1432/338
fat [g]:1,4
saturated fatty acid [g]:0,3
trans fatty acid [g]:< 0,1
total carbohydrate [g]:66,2
of which sugars [g]:2,2
fiber [g]:4,5
protein [g]:12,9
salt [g]:3,5
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Golden Plus





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